The Circus Ring of Fame Inductees

Rudi and Sue Lenz Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

Rudi and Sue Lenz

Presenting a half-dozen or more crowd-pleasing chimpanzees, they delighted European and U.S. audiences for three decades. After starring on such heralded European circuses as Knie,

Jackie LeClaire Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Jackie LeClaire

Born John Edmond Leclerq on May 11 1927 in Sarasota, Florida, the winter home of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus billed as

LaTosca (Canestrelli)Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee


Of the few women to perform on the bounding rope only Tosca Canestrell ever executed the backward double somersault. Born to a famed circus family,

Lalage Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee


Known as “The High Priestess Of Rhythm Aloft,” it was with the physically demanding one-arm swing that she gained her fame. An established star in

Guy Laliberté Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Guy Laliberté

Guy Laliberté was a former street performer who co-founded Cirque du Soleil in 1984 with a one-million-dollar grant from the Canadian government. Feeling that circus

Lillian Leitzel Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Lillian Leitzel

Lillian Leitzel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lillian Leitzel Lillian Leitzel in 1931 Born Leopoldina Alitza Pelikan January 2, 1892 Breslau , Germany (present-day Wrocław,

Loyal-Repensky Toupe Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

The Loyal-Repensky Troupe

Loyal Repensky Troupe The Loyal-Repenski (sic) Troupe had roots going back to the French circus dynasty, and although the act that joined Ringling Bros. and

The highest of achievements in circus arts and culture is celebrated annually in Sarasota, Florida. The Circus Ring of Fame Foundation organizes and hosts the dignified ceremony on beautiful St. Armands Circle before thousands of admirers. The end result is part Academy Awards “Lifetime Achievement”mixed with a Hollywood Walk of Fame style plaque, representing permanent recognition for the artist. After the ceremony, the inductees remove elegant red velvet covers revealing large bronze wagon wheels and biographical plaques, providing a synopsis of their lifelong contribution to circus arts and culture.

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