The Circus Ring of Fame Inductees

Rodos Troupe Palace Duo Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

Rodos Troupe/Palace Duo

The Rodos Troupe and Palace Duo In a YouTube clip, the Rodos Troupe members elegantly and precisely flip their bodies in sync across the stage

richter casselly families Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Richter/Casselly Families

The Richter/Casselly Families – Two of Europe’s premiere multi-generational circus families are best known for their elephant, horse, exotic animal, and human acrobatic productions. The

manuel (union) ruffin Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Manuel (Junior) Ruffin

From Circuses and Sideshows: By Robert F. Houston He was Born Emanuel Ruffin, April 28, 1938 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with his family relocating to Los

Derek Rosaire family Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Derek Rosaire and Family

Patriarch of the versatile family that has trained and performed with a wide variety of animals, Derrick Rosaire has endeared himself to three generations of

harold ronk Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Harold Ronk

From the New York Times: Harold Ronk, the stentorian-voiced ringmaster who sang “Welcome to the Circus!” at the start of thousands of Ringling Brothers and

Rogana Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee


From Circopedia: By Don Stacey Dora Rogge was born in October 1933 in Germany to a well-known circus family; her grandmother was Leopoldine Lange (1873-1956),

pablo rodriquez Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Pablo Rodriguez and Family

With the guiding hand of Pablo Rodriguez, he and his family formed what became one of the most accomplished family aerial acts of the 1960s,

Ringling Brothers Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

The Five Ringling Brothers

Ringling brothers From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Ringling brothers (originally Rüngling) were seven American siblings who transformed their small touring company of performers into

The highest of achievements in circus arts and culture is celebrated annually in Sarasota, Florida. The Circus Ring of Fame Foundation organizes and hosts the dignified ceremony on beautiful St. Armands Circle before thousands of admirers. The end result is part Academy Awards “Lifetime Achievement”mixed with a Hollywood Walk of Fame style plaque, representing permanent recognition for the artist. After the ceremony, the inductees remove elegant red velvet covers revealing large bronze wagon wheels and biographical plaques, providing a synopsis of their lifelong contribution to circus arts and culture.

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