The Circus Ring of Fame Inductees

silvia zerbini Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Sylvia Zerbini

Sylvia Zerbini and her beautiful steeds star in a unique performance of equestrianism – a sight you won’t soon forget! Zerbini hails from a nine-generation

jean tarzan zerbini circus ring of fame foundation inductee

Jean (Tarzan) Zerbini

Swinging into the ring, attired in a loincloth, he was “Tarzan Zerbini, Lord of the Jungle” in one of the most innovative and crowed-pleasing wild

jacqueline zerbini Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Jacqueline Zerbini

Trapeze artist extraordinaire, French-born Jacqueline is known for her spectacular heel catches and one toe hangs, all without safety devices. Her versatility extended to training

Zacchini Brothers Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

The Zacchinis

Zacchini brothers From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edmondo and Hugo Zacchini circa 1960-1970   Edmondo Zacchini (1894–1981) and Hugo Zacchini (1898–1975) were circus entertainers. They were the

Alberto Zoppe Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

Alberto Zoppe

Equestrian, Circus Owner By Dominique Jando Alberto Zoppé (1922-2009) was born January 4, 1922 in Italy, to an old family of equestrians and traveling entertainers

The highest of achievements in circus arts and culture is celebrated annually in Sarasota, Florida. The Circus Ring of Fame Foundation organizes and hosts the dignified ceremony on beautiful St. Armands Circle before thousands of admirers. The end result is part Academy Awards “Lifetime Achievement”mixed with a Hollywood Walk of Fame style plaque, representing permanent recognition for the artist. After the ceremony, the inductees remove elegant red velvet covers revealing large bronze wagon wheels and biographical plaques, providing a synopsis of their lifelong contribution to circus arts and culture.

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