The Circus Ring of Fame Inductees

george carden Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

George Carden

GEORGE CARDEN Revered and respected by peers and performers alike, known as one of the foremost circus producers ever, George Carden has been in the

William Cap Curtis Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

William Hanford (Cap) Curtis

“Cap” Curtis gained fame in the circus business for being the first person to move circus wagons with a motor vehicle and in 1910 he

Cucciolo Rizzi Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee


He was one of the few little persons to gain stardom as a performer. Born Pasqualino Rizzi, he came to the U.S. from Italy in

Charles and Mathias Coronas Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

Charles and Mathias Coronas

From Circuses and Sideshows website: Charles Landkas Coronas was born November 20, 1912 in Czechoslovakia to parents Mathias Landkas and Jozefa Berouskova, who were high

clarke family Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

Clarke Family

From: Circuses and Sideshows website: Parley Edward Baer was born August 5, 1914 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Elizabeth Laura Clarke was born October 17

terry cavaretta and flying cavarettas

Terry Cavaretta & Flying Cavarettas

By Dominique Jando Terry Cavaretta-St. Jules was the greatest female flyer of her generation, and arguably one of the greatest female flyers of all time.

Carillo Brothers

The Carrillos

The story starts with Pedro Carillo the son of a vaquero. Born in 1947 in Colombia, Pedro started as a roustabout in circuses. On the

The highest of achievements in circus arts and culture is celebrated annually in Sarasota, Florida. The Circus Ring of Fame Foundation organizes and hosts the dignified ceremony on beautiful St. Armands Circle before thousands of admirers. The end result is part Academy Awards “Lifetime Achievement”mixed with a Hollywood Walk of Fame style plaque, representing permanent recognition for the artist. After the ceremony, the inductees remove elegant red velvet covers revealing large bronze wagon wheels and biographical plaques, providing a synopsis of their lifelong contribution to circus arts and culture.

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