Levy, William F. (Advance Professional Group Inductee)

Circus Ring of Fame Wheel Plaque

Levy, William F. (Advance Professional Group Inductee)

Inducted into the Ring of Fame: 2022

Circus Profession: Advance Professional for the Greatest Show On Earth/Sport and Entertainment Executive/Marketing Agency Owner

Advance Professionals Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductee

The group honored as the Advance Professionals wrote the book on live event promotion and management. Since the early days of P.T. Barnum it has been the work of those who executed the tour planning, marketing, advertising , sponsorship and public relations that made the circus a financial success. The circus is equal parts art and commerce. Nothing happens unless a ticket is sold. In the world of show business, without business there is no show.

Many alumni of this group have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, agents, show producers, marketing and pr agency owners, sports and entertainment executives and venue managers. You will find them in leadership roles of media companies, major league sports (NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS), ticketing companies, concert and talent management, theme parks, fairs and expositions, cultural arts and non profit philanthropic organizations. The universal ties that bind the group  is the collective shared learning experiences gained while working for the circus.

This is the biography of William F. Levy, a member of the Advance Professionals.

William F. Levy, a member of the esteemed Advance Professionals, is a seasoned veteran in the event marketing industry. With over three decades of experience under his belt, Billy has gained a reputation as a creative force in the industry, constantly innovating and delivering unparalleled results.

Billy’s career began at a young age, when he organized a local band competition that raised over $20,000 for The Houston Food Bank. He went on to earn a degree in History from the University of Texas at Austin, but it was his work with the circus that truly sparked his passion for event marketing.

Working as a promoter for Feld Entertainment, Billy gained valuable experience promoting Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, as well as numerous Disney on Ice engagements. He worked in markets throughout the Northeastern US, finishing his Feld tenure in the New York Metro area promoting Madison Square Garden, the Meadowlands, and Nassau Coliseum on Long Island.

After several years on the road, Billy returned home to Houston to lead the business development and marketing departments of the Houston Aeros Hockey Club. With his innovative sponsor-based promotions, Billy helped the team achieve all-time highs in sponsorship revenue. He managed promotions for major brands like Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, and Shipley Donuts, and created the award-winning “Houston Aeros Hockey: Check It Out” ad campaign.

In 2000, the concert business came calling, and Billy joined SFX Entertainment/Clear Channel Entertainment/Live Nation, where he created sponsorship programs for major brands like AT&T, Chrysler, and Memorial Hermann Hospital. His success led to a promotion to Vice President of Business Development for the Internet division of CCE/Live Nation, where he spearheaded the national launch of the on-line loyalty program, getAccess.

Billy later became General Manager of Live Nation Tickets, where he led the execution of national ticket-based promotions for major brands like American Express, Kraft Foods, and Verizon Wireless. He was instrumental in the successful distribution of more than 425,000 free tickets for Ozzfest 2007, one of the largest promotional ticket giveaways in history.

In 2008, Billy founded Levy Marketing, a boutique website development and marketing firm. Since its founding, Levy Marketing has transformed the web presence of hundreds of clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Billy’s approach is simple yet highly effective, utilizing the marketing methodology he learned at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.

Outside of work, Billy is a devoted family man, married with two children and currently living in Bellaire, TX. One of his favorite sayings from his early career circus training is: “Nothing teaches you to sell the sleeves off your vest, like working for the Greatest Show on Earth.”

To this day Billy Levy credits much of his success in business to the early lessons he learned while working for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.