Clarke, Emma Grace (2024 Generation NeXt honoree)

Circus Ring of Fame Wheel Plaque

Clarke, Emma Grace (2024 Generation NeXt honoree)

Circus Profession: Aerialist

Emma Grace Clarke Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation Generation NeXt honoree

Emma Grace Clarke: A Star in the Circus Firmament

In the captivating world of circus arts, Emma Grace Clarke shines as a luminary aerialist, embodying versatility, flexibility, and unwavering motivation. Hailing from Sarasota, FL, Emma’s journey into the mesmerizing realm of circus began at the esteemed Sailor Circus Academy, where she dedicated over a decade honing her skills. Renowned as the longest-running youth circus training program in America, Sailor Circus provided the fertile ground for Emma’s prodigious talent to flourish.

At a mere 11 years old, Emma’s precocious talent catapulted her onto the national stage, making her the youngest circus performer in the country to mesmerize audiences at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival’s Circus Arts program on the iconic National Mall in Washington, DC. Her remarkable feat drew the attention of Smithsonian curators, who immortalized her journey in a digital documentary now enshrined in the annals of the Smithsonian Institute.

Under the tutelage of distinguished mentors such as the extraordinary aerial coach Olga Coronas and the legendary Dolly Jacobs, Emma’s artistry blossomed, drawing inspiration from luminaries of the circus world. From the hallowed halls of Circus Arts College Almaty to the illustrious stages of Cirque du Soleil, Emma imbibed wisdom from a constellation of circus stars, fueling her passion to continually evolve as an artist.

With a repertoire spanning disciplines such as Lyra, Aerial Pole, Silks, and Flying Trapeze, Emma’s performances transcend mere spectacle, weaving a narrative of grace, strength, and boundless creativity. Whether suspended high above on the Lyra or gracefully navigating the Aerial Pole, Emma’s artistry captivates audiences, leaving an indelible imprint on their hearts.

Beyond the spotlight, Emma’s dedication to her craft is underscored by her accolades, including prestigious titles such as Most Artistic Performer and Top Dancer at the Sailor Circus Academy. Her talents have graced diverse stages, from the pulsating energy of Nik Wallenda’s Zirkus in Silver Dollar City to the ethereal ambiance of EDM concerts featuring Steve Aoki.

In the tapestry of her performances, Emma’s commitment to excellence is matched only by her generosity of spirit, evident in her participation in community shows, parades, and corporate events. With each graceful movement and daring aerial maneuver, Emma Grace Clarke illuminates the timeless allure of the circus, inviting audiences to embark on an unforgettable journey under the big top.

Adding to her illustrious career, Emma was honored with the prestigious Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation Generation NeXt award in 2024, recognizing her as a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the next generation of circus performers.