Circus Ring of Fame Wheel Plaque

King Charles Troupe

Inducted into the Ring of Fame: 2020

Circus Profession: Unicycle Basketball

Born: 1958

As a kid, Jerry L. King attended the circus in his hometown of Tampa, Florida in
1918 and was captivated by the unicyclists on the high wire. He never forgot
that experience. A unicycle buff all his life, Mr. King taught his young son,
Charles, to ride a one-wheeler. Then in 1958, concerned with the social evils
in his community, Jerry King started a unicycle club and laid down a
foundation based upon discipline, direction, and ethical principles.

Neighborhood kids soon demanded lessons and the unique basketball-unicycle
act was born. The club, based out of the South Bronx, eventually consisted of
100 kids. The club became a standard for building character and keeping kids
off the streets. From this club, The King Charles Troupe was born.

In 1968, The King Charles Troupe, auditioned for Irvin Feld on a
sidewalk near Madison Square Garden. The producer was so delighted with the
act that he welcomed them into Ringling Bros. and Barnum &
Bailey Circus where they performed for 18 consecutive years. Since then, The
King Charles Troupe continues to amaze and delight audiences around the world
including performing at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival and opening for
Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas.