Circus Ring of Fame Wheel Plaque

Italo Fornasari and Family

Inducted into the Ring of Fame: 2008

Circus Profession: Clown/Comedy and supporting family

Italo Fornasari and Family Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

Italo Fornasari, one of the circus world’s most esteemed comedic talents, and his family have influenced the art of clowning in virtually every field of entertainment. Benefiting from Italo’s comical antics, the family, including Italo’s wife, Anita, daughter, Rosa, and sons, Doady, Benni and Picin, helped popularize the European style of clowning in the U.S. with such routines as their musical comedy and trampoline acts. Highly regarded abroad, the Fornasaris won a Gold Medal at London’s 1979 Circus World Championships. A year later they were awarded the Prize of Monaco at the Monte Carlo and performed for Pope John Paul II at Vatican City.