Circus Ring of Fame Wheel Plaque


Inducted into the Ring of Fame: 2018

Circus Profession: Risley

Fredonias Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

Famous as Risley Performers, this family dates their act to Germany in the 1930s. Following dates with the Bertram Mills at the Olympia in London 1950-51, they came to RBBB, being featured in the movie The Greatest Show On Earth. From ’57 to ’62, they appeared with Polack Brothers Circus, followed by the RBBB European Tour and Exchange Show sent to Moscow. Appearances included twice on Ed Sullivan, The Riviera and Dunes in Las Vegas, five years with Holiday on Ice and others. Their family, The Fullgrapps, included Alfred, his wife Elli, daughter Ilona, sons Roy and Ralph, Jans Jurergen Klose and Alfred’s cousin Bernd (Bubbles) Gohlke. Credited with originating a number of signature Risley tricks, they set world standards for the unique circus discipline.