Circus Ring of Fame Wheel Plaque

Flying Espanas

Inducted into the Ring of Fame: 2018

Circus Profession: Trapeze Artists/Show Producers/Owners

Espana Family Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation inductees

Ramon Sr., Irene Gonzalez Espana, Ramon “Monchis” Espana Jr., Gladis Espana Anastasini, Carolina Espana Nock, Irene Espana, Noe Espana and Ivan Espana. Innovated by Ramon Espana Jr., The Flying Espanas debuted their legacy in1975 with a flying trapeze act incorporating ballet and aerial chorography that made them instantly unique. Their creativity and elegance modernized the art of flying trapeze, setting new standards and inspiring trapeze artist ever since.

Originating in Mexico, the family’s circus history dates back six generations to the 1880s. Recipients of the prestigious Monte Carlo Silver Clown Award. The Espanas toured the globe performing in world-renowned shows and venues such as Ringling Brothers and Disneyland. The Espanas continue to produce entertainment with their high standards and signature style.