Nock, Annaliese (2023 Generation NeXt Honoree)

Circus Ring of Fame Wheel Plaque

Nock, Annaliese (2023 Generation NeXt Honoree)

Circus Profession: Aerial Thrill Superstar/Dare Daughter

Annaliese Nock Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation Generation NeXt honoree.jpg

Annaliese Nock, is the youngest daughter of circus superstar Bello Nock. Thus, her moniker “DareDaughter”. She proudly represents the eighth generation of performing Nocks! Annaliese started practicing gymnastics and dance as soon as she could walk, and learned to ride a unicycle when she was just three years old. She’s never lost that determination. She made her performance debut at 11 years old on Ringling Bros. Circus, performing her solo hand-balancing act.

At 25, Annaliese has already performed all across the globe in prestigious shows like the Big Apple Circus, the World Christmas Circus in Stuttgart, Germany, “Bello Mania” at the New Victory Theater in NYC, the Royal Melbourne Show in Australia, Circo Mundial in Spain, the Grande Fete Lilloise du Cirque in France, and for Cirque du Soleil’s Season Opening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia just to name a few.

Performing the double wheel along side her father, the dynamic duo took top honors at the 2012 Daidogei Festival in Japan and the “Special Prize” at the 2015 edition of the Massy Festival in Paris. Annaliese was also awarded the Bronze Clown at the Monte Carlo New Generation Festival in 2016 hosted by Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

Annaliese already has her own Guinness World Record for performing four somersaults in the Wheel of Death in less than a minute. She also just happens to be the only woman in the world to perform a somersault in the Wheel of Death! She was subsequently featured in the 2018 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records!

You may have seen Annaliese on America’s Got Talent Seasons 13 & 15, and she was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent Champions, where she performed on the Nock’s trademark swaying Sky Poles and whirling Wheel of Death. Most recently, Annaliese was the first female finalist ever on TBS’s Go Big Show, she stared in her own one-women show at Seaworld San Diego, and performed on one of Europe’s most watched TV shows, Tú Sí Que Vales!

Annaliese Nock broke through the glass ceiling a long time ago! And the sky’s not the limit; it’s where she’s most comfortable!

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