Anastasini, Brando (2024 Generation NeXt Honoree)

Circus Ring of Fame Wheel Plaque

Anastasini, Brando (2024 Generation NeXt Honoree)

Circus Profession: Tight Wire Artist

Brando Anastasini Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation Generation NeXt honoree


A Scion of Circus Royalty: Brando Anastasini Carries Forward a Storied Legacy

In the enthralling world of the circus, where talent and tradition intertwine, Brando

Anastasini stands as a testament to a lineage steeped in nine generations of remarkable

showmanship. Born into this illustrious dynasty, he embodies the epitome of circus

artistry, marking the ninth chapter in a legacy that spans centuries.

Brando’s lineage traces back to his father, Luciano Anastasini, a globe-trotting performer

hailing from Italy. Luciano’s journey took him across continents, dazzling audiences in a

multitude of entertainment arenas—from circuses and festivals to theaters. Initially part

of an Icarian act alongside Brando’s uncle and his wife, Gladis Espana, Luciano laid the

groundwork for a legacy that would resonate through generations.

Raised amidst the enchanting world of the circus, Brando found his footing early,

supporting the highly acclaimed Anastasini performing dog act that captivated

audiences at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, as well as the Big Apple


Gladis Espana, Brando’s mother, brought her own rich heritage from the renowned

Flying Espana circus family in Mexico—a lineage revered and inducted into the Circus

Ring of Fame.

At a mere twenty-three years old, Brando Anastasini is a globetrotting sensation, sought

after for his prowess in the aerial arts of flying trapeze and wire walking. His dedication

to honing his craft is unwavering, spending countless hours perfecting his skills, pushing

the boundaries of circus artistry.

His foray into the intricate and demanding discipline of low wire artistry sets him apart.

Brando fearlessly executes daring flips and somersaults on a precarious half-inch cable,

suspended twelve feet above the ground. Revered by peers as a fusion of style and

grace, his performances resonate as a testament to his dedication and talent.

Recognized as a Generation Next circus artist honoree in 2024, Brando Anastasini carries

the weight of his family’s historic footsteps with pride. He’s poised to traverse the globe,

echoing the unparalleled legacy established by his parents, Luciano and Gladis, and the

extraordinary nine generations of his circus lineage.

In Brando Anastasini, the past meets the present—a beacon of excellence in the timeless

realm of the circus, destined to etch his own chapter in the annals of this captivating art